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Lore in one of his greatest work “Living Simply: The Art of Taoism” describes the Tao as “The Way”. There are a variety of applications of Taoism in our everyday life. As said by Alexander et al., in their book, at first contestants begin on with a peaceful, tranquil center in the understanding of the Tao, and then they can actually communicate Tao in motion, in life, as chi is directed for outwards. Meditation, Shi Kung, Eastern medicine, Martial Arts, art, and Psychotherapy it basically present several methods to apply these techniques for earning a better, more contented, more active life, at One with Tao (85).
By the use of meditation one can easily bring clarity in the thoughts process of an individual. Peace of mind comes together with clarity. Greater vitality, sensibility and reliance are then further added to it. The Taoist believes that meditation will bring them a happier and healthier life. The combination of mind and body is being done. If an individual really wants to calm his mind, then he must try to relax his body in the beginning. The body can easily get relaxed by applying the diverse methods of meditation (Alexander, Annelen, et al. 87-88).
Keeping the one
Taoist put into practice “Keeping the One”. As the individual keeps the One, they started getting closer to the Tao and ultimately find a balance in their life, mind, body, and spirit. As soon as we came to know about the One, the whole thing around us leans to stream smoothly. However the problem lies in how to keep this One. Meditation plays a vital role in keeping the One (Alexander et al., n.d, 91).

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