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Logistics is all about handling the products of the customer and then delivering it on time in order to ensure efficient running of the customers business at the end of the day. Keeping a balance between these four perspectives enables a business to grow with time and achieve more in the market than expected. Pearlis a huge company and with nationwide operations and logistics management so a balance between finance, internal processes, customer and change are required and evident in the processes of the business. The company has been acquiring and forming strategic partnerships to learn and then grow plus expand its operations in more countries. Acquisitions provide production capacity, human resources and most importantly financial resources to the company so that they can handle finances in a better way and also grow. When finances are good and the company is growing the actions are undertaken to satisfy the customers only and internal sources are taken care of by the expansions only. Thus, all four perspectives set in a balance and enable the company to grow and expand successfully.[1]

Another strategy that is the Kaplan and Norton’s generic strategy Map that has suggested two theories under the financial perspective of the balanced map as explained above. The two theories as suggested under the financial perspective are as follows:

  • the Productivity Strategy is generally made up from two components:

–        Improve cost structure: Lower direct and indirect costs.

–        Increase asset utilization: Reduce working and fixed capital.

Pearlhas already been doing that by acquiring and forming strategic partnerships with companies since that has helped them improve their cost structure and increase asset utilization and that has enabled them to expand further and increase their reliability. Since they have advanced logistics and operations to manage their logistics systems and enable better service to customers.

[1] Chase, R.B and D.A. Garvin. “The Service Factory.” Harvard Business Review, July-August 1989, pp. 61-69.

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