Sample Essay

‘American Legal System Is Corrupt beyond recognition.’

(Address to the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School on February 28 2003.)

Further she explained that Justice has changed definition. In America, What is morally correct was the definition of past and what is politically most suitable is the definition of today. This indicates a serious internal loophole within the Criminal Justice system of America.

In other parts of the world, corruption occurs loud and clear and no one dares to speak against it. It has been reported that in almost 41% of rape and trafficking cases in Nepal , the culprit is found innocent and the women is made to suffer at the corrupt hands of law.

Unfortunately, such criminal acts of violence are a result of gender bias that has nothing to do with the Criminal Justice System of any country. It is not the System that is to be blamed. It is away of thinking, that develops an attitude, which allows the powerful to harm, the less powerful factions of the society. It has been observed that such acts of violence are common in less developed countries, where illiteracy and lawlessness dominate the day to day lives of people. In such a situation, no matter how strict and well organized the rules and regulations of the criminal justice system are, they cannot be implemented properly since the people are not ready to accept them. They feel that, there traditions and believes are being challenged by the authorities, something, they do not appreciate, hence they don’t co-operate.

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