Sample Essay

The beginning of the year 2009 was slow and depressing but financial markets, after the first quarter, began to regain their position due the influx of large amounts of capital that came in, which previously investors were reluctant to provide. Business risk had gone down as more and more companies began to raise capital in the equity markets. Debt financing was popularly being made use of before the global economic crisis, as businesses had started exploring different ways of meeting their funding needs. The industry that economic recession impacted the most was real estate (Mishra, 1, 2010)

Things are starting to appear more positive as 2010 begins with the anticipations of high interest rates and inflation and a decline in the unemployment rate in developing nations. Inflation could pose a problem over the next quarter, rising to an estimated 10% andIndiacould see a more rigid monetary policy as per regulations by the Reserve Bank ofIndia(Mishra, 1, 2010)

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