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Government spending and expenditure persist in 2008, as capital programs in the fields of education, health and transport provide economy a vital boost. This extra spending also motivates more private consumption asQataris having 96 percent employment rate. Up till 2012 economy looks quite progressive with the expected GDP growth rate average over 11 percent per annum (Sfakianakis, 1, 2008).

Even though the global financial crisis,Qatarhas sustained its economic expansion of the last number of years. Qatari authorities’ right through the predicament sought to guard the home banking sector with nonstop investments into local banks. The fall in oil prices in belatedly 2008 and the global financial crisis concentratedQatar’s budget surplus and narrowed the speed of investment and enlargement projects in 2009, however GDP escalation yet registered over 9% for the year and will possibly bounce back in 2010. Economic policy is paying attention on developing Qatar’s unrelated natural gas reserves and rising private and overseas investment in non-energy sectors, but oil and gas yet account for over 50% of GDP, approximately 85% of export incomes, and 70% of regime revenues. Oil and gas have preparedQatarthe second highest per-capita income countryside – subsequentLiechtenstein- and one of the world’s best ever on the rise. Established oil reserves of 15 billion barrels should allow sustained yield at present levels for 37 years. Qatar’s proved reserves of natural gas go beyond 25 trillion cubic meters, approx 14% of the world sum and third largest in the globe (Theodora, 2010). The figure below describes the GDP Real growth rate of Qatar.

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