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Thus, once it was realized, that gender had more to do with social/cultural roots than physiological, it became mandatory to rationalize gender relations by pinning down their respective roles. This was in essence by and large the main aim of  GAD. Once it was considered from the sociological point of view, the main idea was to correlate gender and social relationships, not the social construction of the respective gender identities. (Dolcephyne 1991) A “Sub-Ordination of Women Workshop” was introduced in 1977 as a result of the efforts of some feminist thinkers across the globe.

Following the success of this workshop a volume title Of Marriage and the Market came into the limelight. This inculcated a new dawn of change and evolution in the mindsets of various feminists across the globe and their perceptions on development. (Brown 1994)Proponents of this volume were critical of what WID literature aspired for on various fronts. They were of the view that WID intended to isolate women as separate homogenous entities and remained equivocal while analyzing women sub ordination. (Pearson 1981) They aspired to take care of one more gap that had emerged as a result of Marxism to categorization and explanations of gender relations. They put forth that “We wanted to develop a theory of gender which was integrated into and informed by the general analysis of the world economy., but one that problematized the link between gender and economy in a less deterministic way”. (Pearson 1981)

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