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The role and job responsibilities of a manger and the management may vary from organization to organization and from department to department. But the perceived image of the management is based on the four functions that are panning organizing leading and controlling.

The reason why the organizations are keen towards the maintenance of the management image is mainly due to the importance of human resource of the organization. The image of the management and the employee loyalty and satisfactions comes one after the other. So it is generally advisable that the organizations must pay a significant heed to the image of the management. The image of the organization ensures the management and the managers are in a better position to analyze and predict that what attitude to adapt keeping in view the prevailing situation. This is how the management and the managers make sense. It is not necessary that the each time the organization takes an initiative and send the managers on the development programs but many a times the management and the managers themselves realizes the need of getting developed, this development can be either formal or informal depending on the degree of change incurred.

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