Sample Essay

Sub-branches of organizational behavior that affect the way people work are employed almost fully by any organization for better results. They include human behavior, change, leadership, teams, salaries and other remuneration, and many others (Judge, 1993, p. 22). There are four major models of organizational behavior operated within. They include;

i)        Autocratic model- power with a managerial orientation of authority is the basis of this model. Workers are directed towards obedience and total dependence on the boss and the workers need that is met is subsistence while the performance is minimal hence its name, autocratic (Greengard 1999. p. 4).

ii)      Supportive model- it has its basis on leadership with managerial direction of support with employees made to focus on performance and participation. Status and recognition are the needs met thus performance drive is awakened (Greengard 1999. p. 7).

iii)    Custodial model- economic resources are the basis of this model with employees focus directed towards benefits and dependence on the organization resulting in passive cooperation (Greengard 1999. p. 8).

iv)    Collegial- partnership with a managerial orientation to team work forms the basis of this model. Performance results into moderate enthusiasm thus not the maximum can be attained (Greengard 1999. p. 6).

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