Sample Essay

It has been seen that if a child is asked thought provoking questions, he tends to be a good reader. I think a challenging question makes him sometimes want to read up for a proper answer. Talk to children about events not only ongoing ones but those that you were not able to attend with him. Children that hold lengthy conversations at home learn to reflect on experience and to construct meaning from events. This is part of their learning to read and understanding what they read. If your child likes to watch “Sesame Street” or “Mister Rogers” or any other educational TV program, help relate the TV lesson to other situations. For example, if the show focuses on the letter B, have your child give you examples of other words beginning with B. Have the child show you a toy which begins with that letter, such as a ball or a bear. Encourage your child to make scrapbooks. This activity can help the child to identify words and letters. Have a pre-schooler make an alphabet scrapbook using an old notebook or sheets of cardboard tied with a shoestring. One day the child could work on a A and cut pictures from magazines beginning with A – apple, airplane, automobile. The next day the child could work on B. Most important is to monitor your child’s progress and stay involved in his learning.

In a research, there were 26 characteristics that could be identified in what we can call a good reader. These are as follows:

• A: anticipate meaning
• B: become lifelong readers
• C: choose their own reading material
• D; do not read every word , only meaningful chunks
• E; elaborate on important parts of the text
• F: focus on fluency by reading
• G; get books
• H: have a purpose for reading
• I: image when they read, picturize in the mind whatever you read
• J: just skim unnecessary points sometimes and at others read thoroughly
• K: know about their own mental skills

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