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Based on these external and internal factors I make the purchase. The experience that I have with the care is as follows:


  1. It is a gorgeous car. You feel elegant and cool when on the road at the driving wheel. It draws compliments from passer bys and makes you feel elevated and proud of your choice of purchase.
  2. You feel safe in the Chrysler. There’s a sense of security when in such a fully gadgeted and strong car.
  3. A spacious car, great for use when going on family outings or picnics. Even a tour to the shopping market is relaxing as you don’t need to worry about how much can fit into your car.
  4. A good gas mileage. I would say around 19 mpg around the city. Also allows me to easily go to the relatives in the rural areas without actually worrying about the bumpy ride.
  5. Very comfortable interior. Exactly as claimed, like a jet interior.


  1. It is a little hard getting into the back seat. You have to make some jumps and hits to get there.
  2. It has a high tail end which hinders back view especially for a person like me who uses the side mirrors a lot.


I would definitely recommend this car as it is one of the most beautifully equipped cars that I have used so far. The cons are so less and petty that they can easily be ignored. It is affordable even if you get a brand new one but a used one would also be a pleasure to have I am sure. It also does not have a very high maintenance cost so that is a plus point to it. I am also positive that who so ever uses it will share the same experience as me.

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