Sample Essay

According to Robertson and Makin (1986), the following elements can be used while making Selection decisions:

1)      Past behavior – biographical data, references and supervisor/peer group ratings are commonly used to predict how the person will perform in the future

2)      Present behavior – aptitude, intelligence, personality, basic core skill levels (e.g. typing, composing, designing etc.), interview assessment, candidate’s work portfolio etc.

3)      Future behavior – supplementing the results of other tests and interviews etc. with simulations outcomes can be used to predict the future. “If the position is for a sponsorship manager, for example, applicants can be asked to develop sponsorship proposals and demonstrate how they would present this proposal to a potential sponsor”  (Bowdin, Allen, O’Toole, Harris, & McDonnell)

Seelction results should heavily depend on the result of a candidate’s responses, matched against a specific criteria for a given role, during the ineterview(s).

According to Bowdin et al. once selected, documents should be maintained in the records and given to the paid employees containing mainly the following information:

  • Job title
  • Job duties
  • Payment rates and timings (including allowances and overtime if any)
  • Work hours and breaks
  • Holiday arrangements
  • Sick leaves and the procedure to avail them
  • Disciplinary procedure and work rules
  • Termination conditions

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