Man, he says, is imperfect, and yet this same man has an idea of a perfect being from within himself. Due to his imperfections then, it is impossible for man to come up with the idea of a perfect being on his own (Cottingham, 92). Thus, God who is never-ending and faultless must exist.

On the other hand, Berkeley in his ‘Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous’ is in consensus with Descartes view on the existence of God. The proofs he uses to support his claim are different however. According to Berkeley then, what his senses see, hear smell or touch do not emanate from him (Berkeley). Because of this fact then, there has to be someone or some source outside of him who enables him to sense.  He adds that the ideas he senses that do not emanate from him, do not come from his will either. Thus, there has to be some other will somewhere else who will produce these ideas. This will, or other Spirit can only be God.

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