Sample Essay

Klein, S., 1996. A management communication strategy for change. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 9(2), pp. 32-46

According to Klien (1996), the communication strategy and its delivery to intended participants is very important during a change management exercise. Differentiated communication methods during various phases of the organisational change have a very important role in the success of the implementation. Though the article was written when new media tools had not yet been developed, the problems highlighted by the author are relevant even today. This article will be used in creating the survey instrument.

Veltman, K, H., 2009. Understanding new media and change management: augmented knowledge & culture. University of Calgary Press, USA

According to Veltman (2009), change management methods are being implemented at a very fast pace. A few years back, change management exercise often took months if not years. With the availability of new media, information exchange, evaluation and implementation is often done online. Thus, change management does not wait for lethargy since market demands are very fast. A technology and concept that is in demand today may become obsolete in a few months. Hence, organisations need to be alert, agile and quickly adapt to changes. Digital technology and media helps to accelerate this process. These details and mechanisms will be analysed through the research.

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