Sample Essay

Although the cases of Enterprise Ireland (2000) do not reveal much about the change management issues in the SMEs , the analysis of  Adam and O’ Doherty (2000) on the evolution of staff and management motivation gives a good insight into the changes which the companies undertook while the ERP implementation process was taking place.

The figure in the previous page by Adam and O’ Doherty (2000) describes the enthusiasm of the staff and management while the implementation process takes place in the firms. Adam and O’Doherty (2000) state that in the initial section of the curve, expectations rise steadily as the perception of the software product that is being purchased comes into sharper focus as a state-of-the-art solution to old problems, which results in high commitment level of staff, depicted by the rise in graph in Figure 5.1. They further state that when the requirement analysis stage and the negotiation is carried out between the organisation and the vendor, there is a growing anxiety to the changes in the roles and thus a dip occurs as shown in the graph in Figure 5.1. According to them, once the implementation process gets over, there is enthusiasm among the staff to tackle the small practical obstacles and  also a sense of pride in being at the latest edge of the IT, which is depicted by a steep rise in Figure 5.1 . However, the dip in the post-implementation stage after the system goes live (Figure 5.1) holds high importance as this is the stage where the ERP team is disbanded and staff usually return to their normal day-to-day tasks.

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