Sample Essay

Introduction: is currently working as an on-line seller company. Besides the working of this organization we are here to analyze and evaluate how Amazon’s use information technology and for making recommendations for how they can improve their use of information technology. Management of information technology in any organization is a difficult task but the has managed it successfully. And that’s the reason why they are standing undisputed in the electronic market even facing tuft competitions. Technology is being used in every department and by each employee of the organization working in the All employees working in the organization have IT and internet as their basic requirement. They sell on internet, they provide their customer services on internet and they also deal with the orders and queries on the internet so Information technology and internet is the most basic requirement for this organization. And being an on-line selling company, has used IT techniques in performing these functions.

  1. Perform business operations
  2. Sell different products
  3. Managing there data and knowledge
  4. Advertise there products and services
  5. Provide customer services
  6. Use IT for planning and analysis
  7. Dealing with customers
  8. Face inquiries and queries
  9. Take customer feedback

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