Sample Essay

The project has to be started 10 weeks prior to the event in order to make sure everything is in place. The display will have to shipped 10 days before the event begins so that there will be ample time to set up on site. There is a small team of people to assist me and the available time to work is 16 hours per week. I do have 2 individuals in the organization to guide me since being new in the company I am not really familiar with the products. Pat can work 12 hours per week and is experienced with trade shows. He loves working on collaterals, presentation and training staff but he will be going on a vacation four weeks prior to the show so he will be off for two weeks. Terry can work 8 hours per week and he has experience in being an administrative assistant in the marketing department. He enjoys give-aways and presentations but does not like to work on travel arrangements. But he has a busy schedule.

The activities to be considered in the 10 weeks of preparing for the event will include updating trade show display, re-stocking the collaterals, ordering new give-aways, transporting the trade show material and making travel arrangements. This will be illustrated through a Gantt chart made on the Excel and also through a critical path analysis to make sure things are being done on time. This is a simple work breakdown structure of only the major tasks and according to their levels of importance. This does not include any detailed task structure.

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