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This chapter is all about mapping from lexical semantics to syntax and certain hypotheses that assume certain aspects of lexical representation as equivalence classes shall be maintained in syntax have been used to prove the nature of the mapping. Towards the end of this chapter the two mutually interdependent classifications of the algorithms that are used for mapping from lexical representation to syntax have been explained; first being hierarchy aligning and second is bidirectional algorithms. The mapping algorithms are formed on the basis of syntactic theory only.

This chapter has covered in depth thematic hierarchies and it has further explained similar hierarchies. It also aims to explain that thematic hierarchies can be compared only on one condition and that is if the ranking among the roles has the same meaning and the rankings aim to explain the same observable event. The theories related to thematic hierarchies have also been included particularly by Baker (1996) and also Macfarland (1991). But the pivotal point in the discussion of these theories is the differing opinions on the placement of the patient in relation to other roles and particularly the spatial roles like goal and location. The chapter concludes with a discussion that thematic hierarchies can not encompass all generalizations including argument realizations in relation to their respective semantic roles.

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