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As mentioned above, the Australian automotive industry has been prospering since the first ford car was imported in Australia in year 1904 and since then the demand of the vehicle has been on the rise. With ford introducing new models in Australia and showed interest in setting up its plants in Australia, the market for ford vehicles started to grow (Kimes, 2004, p.132).

In year 2000 onwards, the market for Ford motor company became more stable and sales volume started to rise but at the same time competition from GM, Mitsubishi and Toyota kept on building immense pressure on Ford motor company and its sales in Australia. With global economic recession striking the world economies, the market growth for Ford and other automobile makers got stagnant with sales volume plunging down to record low.
However with the beginning of year 2010, the world markets have managed to get their way out of recession and managed to recover from economic downturn. Similarly, Ford Motor Company too has recovered from the economic bad patch and its market in Australia has again managed to grow with sales volume beginning to rise (Kimes, 2004, p.132).

When Ford initially entered in Australian market it didn’t had any competitors in year 1904 but with the passage of time, competitors kept on entering in the Australian Market which did leave some impact on the sales and activities of Ford Motor Company. General Motors (Holders) was one the first competitor of Ford Motor Company and after few more years various other car manufacturers entered in the Australian Car Industry creating wide variety of Passenger motor vehicles for customers to choose (Newman, 2002, p. 109).

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