Sample Essay

Toys R Us has divided the market of its prospects into different segments. It had identified a kids segment and opened up Kids R Us stores in the United States. However, it failed to fulfill the needs of this segment. Another segment it identified was the babies segment to offer baby apparel to and it opened Babies R Us. Babies R Us has been a success because it rightly identified the need of the segment and provided the right set of products to fulfill those needs. Toys R Us has further segmented on the basis of its product line that is its game and console offering.

It has established Games R Us to cater to the needs of those customers. Games R Us is trying to catch a hold of its target market and it is too early to comment on its success or failure as yet. Furthermore, as revealed by the Toys R Us chief executive officer that they purchased this indicates that they might just have identified another segment to market to. This segment could be the expecting mothers and it might try to offer products related to this segment.

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