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Identify and explain macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions in Levi Strauss & Co.

Typically, all marketing environments require management departments to keep changing their decisions in accordance with the changing environment. Decisions are re-evaluated and re-speculated over.  One should realize that at times even the slightest of changes can have the hugest of impacts on the overall strategy of an organization’s business. The environment broadly speaking falls under three major genres. The economic, political/legal, technological and social/cultural are the three major genre’s in this regard. Even though an organization may look into each one of the above individually, one must realize that they can overlap with each other. There are in numerable number of factors that impact the economic environment. The affect of  each of these factors stands co-related on the marketing strategies that a business may follow.

At Levis and Straus similar economic, environmental and sociological factors affect various decision. When Levis sought to expand its consumer base in Pakistan it had to keep in perspective the sociological and political factors influencing it products here. Considering the political turmoil cities way up on the north are subjected to, Levis chose not to open its branches up there. However, more branches were re-opened down Karachi where the situation is comparatively better and the consumers have better living standards. However on the whole, Levis specializes and appeals more to the males here because of the social restrictions applied on girls that bars them from wearing jeans. Majority of the female crowd follows the routine Shalwar kameez in this part of the world.

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