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This paper aims to draw a comparison between marketing strategies used by Business to customer(B2C) and Business to Business(B2B) websites. It combines the knowledge of management information systems, and marketing to provide an analysis of the two. A case study approach has been used, with two different websites representing each form of website marketing. has been used to represent the B2C model and has been used to represent B2B model.

 Business to customer (B2C) and Business to business B2B are two of the marketing models used in e-commerce. B2C refers to the act of retailing goods and services that directly targets an individual customer, whereas, B2B refers to the act of retailing of goods and services among businesses. (Laudon & Laudon, 2005).

Since it is targeted towards the end customer logged on to your website, B2C e-commerce is mostly based on interactive marketing. “Interactive marketing means that perceived service quality depends heavily on the quality of the buyer-seller interaction”( Kotler, Armstrong, Saunders and Wong, 1999, p. 654). The website needs to grasp the attention of the customer and provide an online shopping experience. If it fails to do so the customer will browse over to a competitor’s website. Therefore, B2C marketing needs to provide information, service and support all at the same time to the customer. As this helps to foster long term relationships with customers and retain customers. Now if we take into account, a premier B2C site, we can see that it has interactive features to gain the customers attention. It focuses on one to one marketing towards the end user and tailors the webpage according to the interests of the customers. Amazon has intelligent bots and tracking cookies in its website through which it can gauge the customer’s interest, store information with regards to those interests and provide suggestions to buy products based on those particular interests. Apart from that it also stores the information of the user, for example, the name of the registered user. Every time the user signs in to Amazon he/she is greeted by their name, which creates a valuable customer experience and adds a personal touch to the website.

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