Sample Essay

Propose 3 segmentation criteria and explain how Levi Strauss & Co. could use these criteria to segment the market for one of its products.

Explain the choice of target market for this product.

Choose a Levi Strauss & Co.  product and devise two marketing mixes for the product

Market segmentation, targeting and positioning are the three major approaches which are applied by the marketing departments in their endeavors to achieve organizational goals. Of the three steps mentioned  above segmentation is the first one to take on. In market segmentation, segment variables are identified  and the market is segment accordingly. In targeting the effectiveness of each segment is evaluated and target segments are selected and in market positioning a differential advantage for each segment is evaluated.

Levi’s can use its lower waist jeans for the Indian market again as mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs. The Indian population boasts about the greatest number of youth ever. If the jeans are profiled accordingly and priced low enough to address the needs of less extravagant consumers Of  India, the product can definitely do well and succeed over there. This will enhance the profits of Levis, provide more opportunities for growth and development and retain customers as their buying patterns changes over time. Thus the Indian market will attend to each of the three segmentation criterion associated with marketing i.e. it is definable, reachable and profitable. (Nexbitt, 2007)

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