Sample Essay

Marketing objectives are the objectives that a company aims to achieve through its marketing activities. Those objectives are described as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time based (SMART). Listerine has to set objectives that are SMART to obtain quick and efficient result.  The objective of Listerine would be to penetrate into the market again with new product line and flavors which are to target its 3 segment specifically. By targeting Listerine products into 3 different segments the other goal of the company would be to achieve certain number of sales and get hold of market share.

By setting up certain number of sales target the company would be able to measure its performance against the targets set. Setting sales target must be measurable and achievable yet not impossible for company to achieve. Setting target of 1000 sales a month is an achievable target and can be measured well. This is an example of realistic targets which gives a picture that target which is set to achieve can be accomplished. All the set targets must be achieved in a given time span so that performance could analyze against given time span (Bratton, 2008, p.109).

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