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With regard to the observations made for Marketing activities, it was observed from the answers given by the respondents that Dell attempts to take as much advantage as it can of its reputation as a recognized brand and ensures that its brand name remains associated with the same elements that define consumer trust and confidence in Dell. Dell chooses to engage in all forms of marketing and does the same on a consistent and uninterrupted basis. Some respondents noted that they have observed an increase in Dell’s marketing activities over the past few years while others served to provide an elaboration of this response by suggesting that Dell chooses to remain in an aggressive and continuously-developing stance with regard to its marketing operations.

Services were observed to be yet another region of the value chain where the respondents did not provide a very favorable picture of Dell. It was observed that Dell makes every attempt it possibly can to ensure the provision of quality services but is still in a developing stage in this regard. It is important to realize that a lack of available information was observed in this regard. This can be interpreted as a need for Dell to enhance its services activities and communicate with consumers all the more. Respondents considered Dell’s service activities to be related closely with consumer satisfaction but remained unconvinced to consider Dell’s services activities as an asset to the value chain.

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