Sample Essay

Marketing products to expatriates in GCC countries is central to the English language affair. This is particularly true of the middle classes that reside in UAE. While their indigenous languages vary and are diverse, the expatriates belonging to this region mostly speak English language which is also a pre-requisite before being hired for any firm. Market equipment, stationary etc are also mostly in both Arabic and English. When interacting with expatriates and foreigners it is normally understood that they know and understand English. Ergo, most marketing strategies are central to such issues.

Likewise, certain goods and restaurants may be specially built for certain ethnic groups in GCC countries and maybe marketed in their local regional languages. But there is a hitch. This can only be implemented provided that the target audience is comparatively narrower and income low. This is because there may be many working groups in GCC countries who may not be well versed with the English lingo but may be able to read and interpret basic signs in English. This particular demographic has little income most of which is remitted back to the home countries.  Thus, multinational companies can interact with almost all firms in English. (LIRS 1992)

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