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Developing a market strategy for a particular domain requires a sound understanding of that region. Unless one has a clear idea of the likes and dislikes, the jargon, the culture and various other important nitty gritties, formulating a strategy would be an arduous yet failed task. One has to chalk out the needs and aspirations of the people of that region and like-wise devise a strategy to best address them. This center around the crux of all kinds of marketing techniques, all but to know what kind of customer base an organization seeks to address. Most global organizations have a very atypical way of working. They send their employees to local offices of another global firm- a marketing and advertising company that has been operating in the region for a while- to study the region and hone their messaging. Thus, this would help them get a clear cut idea of the way the region operates, get acquainted with it and later on adapt the marketing strategies to suit that particular region. Regional marketing on the other hand stands on another plane. It is by and large solely the responsibility of the distributors; hence most companies don’t prioritize them as such.

 In GCC countries, as time progresses, businesses become more and more dependent on the global strategy of an organization. Thus it is mandatory for one to comprehend and understand the challenges associated with marketing directly. Customer insights and value propositions are central to a solid marketing strategy for a GCC country. This involves ensuring that one derives certain set of benefits for the customer all of which are enduring and differentiated. The only way out is to build a marketing strategy that is region specific.

While a region specific marketing strategy is crucial, the extent to which an organization customizes their proposition for the GCC countries is another complex issue. It varies from situation to situation. In some situations, customization helps while in the others it doesn’t.

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