Sample Essay

Listerine’s four Ps include product, price, placement and promotion.

Product: Listerine is considered as one of the best mouthwash brands as it focuses on not only bad breath but also personality factor has been used to promote the product. Listerine claims that there is a connection between mouth and body as there is an impact of gum health with an overall health of an individual.

Price: Pricing of this mouthwash is not beyond affordable, at the same time since it is an FMCG, there is stiff competition from rivals like Plax and in terms of price from private labels of grocery and departmental stores (Sernovitz, 2009, p. 58).

Placement: A good example of placement of Listerine is in India. Indian market has not allowed many mouthwash based brands to penetrate but achieving more than 90% share, Listerine has recently been very successful in the Indian market. Although this figure highlights an enormous success Listerine has gained in Indian market but there are small hindrances in achieving more success. Mouthwashes are considered to be of medicinal use thereby a great proportion of consumers do not buy these until prescribed by physicians. Thereby in order to increase consumer base and penetration in markets other than India, it is required that bad taste of the mouthwash is changed.

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