Sample Essay

Toys R Us is pursuing a growth strategy where in it is identifying newer market segments or eyeing resources that it can acquire to add to its capability to deal with the dynamic marketing environment. It is also a move to strike the balance of resource and capability for future endeavors of the company. Its acquisition of three new websites makes this stance very clear. It also shows that Toys R Us is sensitive towards the needs of the customer and acknowledges customer’s wants to shop online and the opportunity e-commerce presents to them. They seem to have learned from their past mistake of not entering the e-tailing segment and then reluctantly entering it when it was too late to form a competence out of the internet distribution channel.

Toys R Us is marketing its image of corporate social responsibility through organizing in-house seminars and campaign to combat autism or raise funds.  As well as describing its initiative to give back to the community through its website. It has an entire webpage dedicated to communicate its corporate philanthropy to its customers. It has a self managed ‘Toys R Us Children Fund’, and alliances with ‘Save the Children’, ‘Safe Kids Worldwide’, ‘Autism Speaks’, ‘Marine toys for tots foundation’, ‘Kids in distressed situations’, ‘Children Affected by Aids foundation’, ‘Support for differently abled kids’ and The Toys R Us Children’s Fund-Starlight Site Playroom Program. It has adapted to the go green culture gaining strength in the United States as it introduced ecologically friendly toys in March 2008 last year.

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