Sample Essay

Our marketing strategy consists of product, price, advertising and sales promotion.

Product: Vive La France is a new brand is a new brand but not chocolate dessert is not a new food in the market, everyone knows what’s chocolate dessert.Therefore, we decided to come out with different chocolate art product with unique and interesting shapes so that the consumers will have different perspective of seeing our product.

Price: Give people something value, they will be happily pay for it. We position our product slightly higher pricing because we provide both delicious chocolate dessert with special experience.

Sales Promotion: We will have opening promotion, sampling distribution, and festive promotion. We will distribute 25% discount voucher, sampling distribution and free balloon to the kids to create awareness. Different sale promotion to encourage the purchase or sales. Word-of-mouth referral is very powerful and particularly amongst the elderly to both their peers and their extended families.

Advertising: Adverting or sponsor will be launch to keep building the strong branding strategy and Franchising expansion at the future.

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