Sample Essay

Toys R Us uses an integrated marketing communications approach towards marketing its image, toys and sister concerns. It not only advertises its products and company image but also reinforces it with its retail store atmosphere, public relation activities and more. For instance, it advertises a fun filled toy at a fun filled location that is a Toys R Us store. Though it does not stop there when a customer comes to buy the toy to the retail store, the store layout, décor and fun filled environment reinforces the original message communicated.

Furthermore, the company adds to its image and communicated value by engaging in community friendly seminars for autism, fund raising for underprivileged children and more. It carries out these activities in-store, out-store or even online at its website as required to suit its purpose of marketing communications. Furthermore, it disseminates the same values to its employees and trains them in accordance to their marketed set of beliefs.

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