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A common technique that companies employ when trying to motivate their employees is to offer them opportunities which may be influential when it comes to self actualization needs, which in turn will lead them to working their hardest, and utilizing their maximum potential. However, Maslow’s motivation theory about the hierarchy of needs shows that there are barriers to motivation, which can hinder the success of this technique if the management does not give them the due importance when needed.

The Maslow’s theory indicates five levels of needs, which a man needs to satiate in order to be able to deliver a motivated performance at his employment (Pareek, 1974, 15-31). Maslow has constructed a hierarchy of these needs, starting from which is the most basic and needs to be satisfied first before the employee can move on to higher level needs. These basic needs start with the person’s physiological needs which is food and water, and then moving on to security needs, which means shelter and safety. Once these are satisfied, the person’s social needs satisfaction, after which their self-esteem needs are important. When all four of these are satisfied, according to Maslow’s hierarchy, only then will the person be motivated to work towards the highest-level need, which is the need for self-actualization. This is the point at which the person will want to work towards success, and fulfilling his or her ambitions, since all their other needs will stand satisfied. In other words, this theory suggests that those four lower levels can act as barriers to motivation, if the person tries to satisfy any of the higher level needs without first catering to the basic needs.

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