Sample Essay

Communication is as old as man himself. It has always been as natural and as necessary for man to correspond and communicate as for him to eat, sleep or procreate. But great distances, large populations and language differences have for centuries made universal communication impossible. The six foremost media of mass communication include newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television and cinema/theatre. But the classification is majorly associated with print media and electronic media. Print and electronic media have great impact on our daily lives.

Loyal readership of different types of media (newspapers and magazines) can be very useful for advertisements. For instance; if a firm or brand is advertising a good or service for a particular geographical area, they can do so easily through print media. A local daily newspaper or a weekly tabloid would be the finest medium to promote a new shopping center or mall. However, there are limitations to this medium. It may not give a wide reach for all time. On the contrary, Internet can target a huge audience. (Buzzle 2010)

The competition is tough between print media and electronic media. However, both the media remain successful in shaping the opinion and advertising the product.

Mass communication floods readers on routine basis in the form of both print and electronic media. One might feel that print media has more advantages in contrast with electronic and vice versa. Rather, each of these types of mass communication has its own characteristics. Bothe the media share much in common. In fact, the newspaper industry depends on both print and electronic media to broadcast news to its readership base. (Withers)

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