Sample Essay

MCB have a long term vision to innovate and transform their banking processes in such a way that the banking experience becomes easier and more convenient for the customers of the company. Their mission focuses on the customers as well and the impetus is on relationships with customers rather than on profits because they believe that result of fostering stable relationships with customers will eventually lead to profits in the long run (MCB Bank Ltd. 2006).

MCB Bank places a high degree of importance on their corporate values and uses these values to make decisions and handle day to day affairs. The key corporate values of MCB Bank are trust, team work, innovation, social responsibility, customer focus and achievement (MCB Bank Ltd 2006). These values have helped guide MCB through tough ethical and moral decisions and have helped immensely in procuring a reputation for MCB bankers as honest, friendly and customer focused people who have as their ultimate aim to provide satisfaction and quality to customers through quality of service and commitment.

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