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As seen in the case McDonald’s is seen to reinforce its commitment to healthier activities by launching exercise campaigns and prompting youth to be active. It has been supporting health claims by extending menu to include salads, grilled chicken, flat breads, porridge, option to replace fries with carrot sticks and more. It has been doing this for one reason that is increase repetition of the perception that McDonald’s has become health conscious.  “Repetition increases our familiarity with a claim. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, a feeling of greater likelihood that the claim is true begins to accompany the growing familiarity. This effect of repetition is known as the truth effect” (Sutherland & Sylvester, 2000, p.10).

As the rule of advertising states that slowly but surely a message that is repeated through subliminal or communicative means gets fixated in our perception. A time come that familiarity of the concept propagated to us through advertisements becomes so substantial that we are likely to consider the proposed perception as the true benefits of the product. This is exactly what McDonald’s aimed to achieve through these means. To play with the human mind and its perceptions in such a way through advertising is an ethical consideration in itself. However, the alarming consideration is that companies can use the same tools to divert our minds from the facts surrounding them. They can use them to manipulate our behavior to suit their needs rather than align their behavior to meet the objectives set by society and law.

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