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During the early evening of June, 6th, the superior units from the fifth Rangers met with the members of the second rangers on the Pointe. It was agreed that the following day, the remaining members of task force C would team up with members from task force C. Other units that were meant to join them would be drawn from the 116th infantry regiment and the Battalion from the 743rd Tank. Together, all these units would move to Pointe du Hoc.

However, the situation grew worse when the members of the 29th infantry division and those of the 116th regiment were trapped by the gunfire and the mortars that came from above. This prompted General Cota to command the members of the fifth Rangers battalion to take the lead. The rangers took up the orders and penetrated across the sea wall and the entanglements of the barbed wire. They proceeded on even under the intense machine fire and the mortar that was directed at them by their enemies, the Germans[1]. They were accompanied by some of the units from Companies A and B from the Second Rangers Battalion as well as some from the 116th Infantry Regiment. They proceeded to the central town of Vierville and in the process opened up the breach. As such more troops were able to follow them and even expand the beachhead.

[1] D’Este, 1983, pp. 56-62

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