Sample Essay

With regard to this situation, there are two broad possibilities. Our product’s quantity is less than the amount indicated or there is a problem with the clients method of measuring. It may not be the case that both the clients and the company are wrong. It is also unlikely that they are both right. The chances are that either the clients are right and the company is wrong or the clients are wrong and the company is right.

Owing to the degree of professionalism in our company, it would be difficult to conclude that the company has been releasing substandard products in the market not to mention the possibility of some individuals attempting to defraud the company. The only way to ascertain the truth is through establishing the true content in terms of the amount of paint which the company releases to the market. Assuming that the quantity regulating machine has not been adjusted since the clients raised complaints, samples of the products are to be measured and the exact quantities are to be recorded. (Wilson, 1996. p.45)

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