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Ideally, the daunting task for this exercise of investigating and reporting the Ineffective Leadership and Worker Performance was not finding out what the problem really is, but rather identifying appropriate method that can facilitate finding out of the problem. Since, Alexandra, (2008) states that the process of detecting the problem in any system precedes the problem identified. This is because I needed an effective methodological approach in order to identify the correct challenge facing the organization.

In this regard, methods that were are quite appropriate in this scenario that is likely to identify ineffective leadership and worker performance includes Administrative data analysis. Through administrative data in this investigative research, financial data revealed massive losses, while production data was discouraging, employees records depicted excessive absenteeism accrued from numerous sick leaves (Armstrong, 2007) injuries sustained due to unsafe working environment and stress. Moreover, the administrative data analysis revealed various internal conflicts between directors and supervisors evident in internal dispute cases both resolved and pending to be solved.

Secondly, using outcome-based detection process, I detected employee’s underperformance since there was low productivity with increase in ground wood as an outcome action of employees. While wrangles in leadership were detected by the numerous conflicts among reflected by the fight between one of the floor supervisors got in a fight with the night shift superintendents over quality measures. To sum on the detection techniques I applied, six mode processes approaches such as alarm, standard check, by chance, detection on the basis of outcome signs, suspicion from knowledge and interpellation. These were fused with direct observation added value, accuracy, credibility and validity to the detection.

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