Sample Essay

In order to conduct a thorough research on the brand communication strategies adopted by Apple for iPad, a lot of methods can be brought into use to gather data. The best and the foremost option would be to use Primary research methods to get accurate and up to date information regarding the strategies used by Apple Inc.

Primary Research would include carrying out surveys and distributing questionnaires to get first hand data. The questionnaires can be distributed online to the marketing and brand management department of Apple Inc so that desired results can be obtained.

Furthermore an online survey can be conducted on certain forums and many social networking sites to get a clear response of what strategy is being put into use by Apple for communicating brand message to the target audience.

Secondary data is yet another tool which can be used for the research. Secondary data includes second hand data which has already been collected and is now available in libraries and trade journals as per need for references. Past company records which are maintained can also be referred for more information.

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