Sample Essay


The author of the book, Daniel Pink has presented to us a book that can enlighten the minds of many. The author claims that, “I’ve lived with my brain for forty years now, but I’ve never actually seen it. For a while now, I’ve been wondering what directions our lives will take in these outsourced, automated, upside-down times—and I’ve begun to suspect that the clues might be found in the way the brain is organized” (Pink, p.2). The basic claim of the author in his book is that the workplace environment is facing changes once again and authority is likely to move towards those who have tough right brain traits (A Whole new Mind-ii, 1997). His support of “R-directed thinking” starts with a little introduction to neuroscience and a bit of tourism to a brain lab.

The author of the book is greatly interested in the ways by which certain sets of capabilities can be connected efficiently in what is called the emergence of the “Conceptual Age.” Moving on, the second half of the books presents in-depth information about the six “senses” that the author has pointed out as vital to accomplishment in the innovative economy-design, narrative, work of art, understanding, play and meaning while on the other hand the “portfolio” divisions present realistic as well as quirky pieces of recommendation on how to develop these skills within oneself. Moments that have the tendency to provoke thoughts abound that too from the consequences of a rigorous portrayal workshop to the declaration that “bad design” shaped the commotion of the 2000 presidential election, but on the other hand the fundamental principle may still hit some as unverified. in addition, the forewarning that people who do not make attempts to cultivate their right brains possibly will fail to benefit from, or worse, endure badly in the financial system of tomorrow might sound to many as pessimistic.

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