Sample Essay

Very recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan undertook major efforts to push, preserve and promote the Japanese culture internationally. In a speech conducted by Taro Arso, who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Japan, he discussed the overwhelming power of prominent cultural images.  He stressed on the importance of glorifying country’s values and history across the globe. He emphasized that the old image of diplomats sitting around in a closed room and having bland dry discussions should be ratified and rooted out. Instead the diplomats of today are true practitioners of the Japanese culture and have a major role to play in marketing the country globally.

“What we have now is an era in which diplomacy at the national level is affected dramatically by the climate of opinion arising from the average person. And that is exactly why we want pop culture, which is so effective in penetrating throughout the general public, to be our ally in diplomacy.”

“To put this way, one part of diplomacy lies in having a competitive brand image, so to speak. Now more than ever, it is impossible for this to stay entirely within the realm of the work of diplomats. It is necessary for us to draw on assistance from a broad spectrum of people who are involved in Japanese culture.”

“And so, I am speaking to you here today to urge you to join with us in polishing the Japan “brand.”? (The Center for Global Partnership)

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