Sample Essay

Miscommunication in business dealings by nonnative speakers acts as a barrier towards the success needed in business dealings. This kind of communication barrier affects business transactions in a detrimental manner especially in business transactions that do not involve translators. In certain cases where translators come in, they put a block to business dealings and transactions between businesspersons of cross cultural origins (Michniuk, 2010). These worldviews form a qualitative inquiry, for example, narrative design, phenomenology, ethnography and case studies. In this manner, the research design provides a multifaceted view where different individuals express different perspectives about the same idea (Creswell, 2003).

The qualitative study approach locates an observer in the world that he exists. It poses a set of interpretive materials that help to make the world around an individual observable. It changes the world into a representation that features interviews, conversations, recordings, memos and photographs. In other words, qualitative research design helps the researcher to understand the world that interests him through interpretation in a naturalistic perspective. Therefore, in the search for information about the issue of miscommunication in business dealings by nonnative speakers, the researcher must study the topic in a natural setting. In this manner, the researcher must go to a setting that the nonnative speaker lives and try to the phenomena in terms of the views and perspectives that respondents hold towards the topic.  It begins by formulating an assumption and the study of the research problems in a holistic manner. The collection of information in its natural setting helps in informing the topic in the most relevant way (Creswell, 2003).

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