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This topic is of interest because any negotiation involves two parties. In this manner, negotiations in business dealings require that partners understand each other in terms of the communication they involve in while transacting their business dealings. In an instance where miscommunication arises because, the parties involve nonnative speakers the business dealings become difficult and can fail to materialize. This topic has significance in the sense that, for business dealings to occur successfully between native speakers, and nonnative speakers, miscommunications should not arise. Therefore, the study of the topic helps to understand the issue in a better manner and contribute towards correction and alleviating such miscommunications in business dealings (Creswell, 2003).

The primary aim of this study involves uncovering the linguistic and non-linguistic features, which promote or hinder the success of cross-cultural business dealings. This study analyses the negotiation discourse between parties with cross-cultural origins using language as a medium of instruction, in business dealings. This study has the objective of considering the manner in which nonnative speakers can develop an awareness of the significance of intercultural competency to build on and improve their current strategies in their business dealings and discourse. With the difference in the linguistic and cultural backgrounds, a possibility exists for nonnative speakers to confront mismatches in business interactions. The key focus involves recognizing and understanding the sources of miscommunication to enable the application of strategies to enhance the effectiveness of the business negotiation process (Michniuk, 2010). In essence, the study tries to identify the techniques, which business practitioners can employ to increase the likelihood of a successful result in business dealings that involve nonnative speakers (Creswell, 2003).

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