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As Creswell puts it, this research design use a methodology that takes into account constructivist, feminist, postmodernist and naturalistic research design. The qualitative design will help through the study to come up with relevant conclusions to the study. Therefore, this study will use ethnography and phenomenology as the most viable and relevant ways to carry out the analysis.

The miscommunications that arise in business dealings by nonnative speakers have negative effects in business negotiations, in many instances. Miscommunications arise because of linguistic and cross-cultural factors that exist between the two parties. For business negotiations to become successful, such miscommunications should cease to exist. A study into the issue can help to identify factors that lead to such miscommunications and help towards solving the issue. Cross-cultural nature of business relations exists especially in the international context. The aim of the study involves investigating the interdependency between language, culture and business relations. The qualitative research design provides viable ways that can help form an inquiry in to the issue by using phenomenology and ethnography.

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