Sample Essay

There have been many mistakes that the Euro Disneyland had made but the major ones remain the most serious ones. First and the foremost mistake that has been made by the management is that they launched the theme park with American traditions and customs without knowing that French people and the visitors would expect the different culture not as the same as it is available in US and Japan. Considering French culture to be there in the theme park would certainly have changed the entire situation in favor of Euro Disneyland.

The second big mistake which the company did was investing a huge sum of money/investment to a foreign country without researching much. Euro Disney investment has been a major and massive investment made by any US company in any foreign country and without having a thorough research and projecting expected revenue, making heavy investment had been a massive mistake.

Lastly, it would have been better if Euro Disney had hired French high official on the top management for Euro Disney so that the employees would have felt better and the communication gap wouldn’t have occurred as it occurred while US decision makers were made in charge of making decisions for Euro Disneyland. That created resentment among the French employees and resulted in further troubles for the company. It is also to be kept in mind that US company i.e. Disneyland must have respected French customs from the beginning to avoid any such arguments and problems.

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