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Despite this evident mistake in the social security program, the supporters of the system argue that despite the regressive tax formula of the system, the social security benefits are computed by taking into mind the progressive benefit formula which replaces a higher percentage of the workers having lower income.

All this is translated to the pre-retirement income which is higher in wealthy individuals than in poor tax payers despite the higher rate of tax paid by the low income earners. There has also been an acceptable analysis that relative to the high income workers, the social security disability and survivors’ benefits which are paid on behalf of the low income earners offsets to a large margin any of the retirement benefit which may actually be lost due to a shorter life expectancy (Rapid Immigration, n.d). Some other critics have identified that survivor benefits which are alleged to be an offset is actually an exacerbation to the problem since the survivor benefits are not granted to single persons who include widows or widowers who are married less than the nine preferred months except in specific conditions. The divorced widow or widowers married less than 10 years are not also entitled to the benefits. The cohabiting or the same-sex partners or couples, except those who are legally married, are not also entitled to the benefits. In the U.S, there has been an observation that the unmarried individuals are less wealthy than the married ones hence creating more questions about the social security.

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