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In mobility and orientation, the teacher should allow the learner to explore classroom during the first week and whenever you make any major changes; Show student where his or her desk is, where materials are located, papers turned in; Point out the restrooms, water fountains, library, office, cafeteria, gym, and bus stops and ask that Braille labels be placed outside each entry for blind students.

In adapting the best seating arrangement for visually impaired children the teacher should avoid having students work in their own shadows or facing the light and be flexible to the children needs to change their seats whenever they desire more or less light. In relation to contrast, white chalk should be frequently used since it offers more contrast on a clean chalkboard, dry erase boards used with dark markers offer better contrast, Good contrast and white space between lines of print offer the best viewing comfort for lengthy reading assignments and soft lead pencils and felt-tipped pens with black ink are recommended for use on unglazed light and tinted paper (Church, 2000).

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