Sample Essay

Evidently it can be noted that the above assertion suits very well in the case of public interest theory whose overall tone is public interest. There is a clear moral growth and development in its approach and it exhibits a recommendable progression from egoistic tendencies to altruistic tendencies. Moral development entails a progression from mere self to the wider interest in the community.

It is also indisputable that public interest as a form of regulation captures very high ethical standards and hence quality business ethics. Growing awareness of public interest is a very important ethical issue which is actually posing a very big challenge to the contemporary businesses today. Businesses operate in a liberal world and not in non-egalitarian world as all businesses are part of a social system; and activities of which have a remarkable significance throughout the society. It is true that societies do expect businesses to hunt their good; the same businesses, on the other hand, are expected to safeguard and promote public interest. Such businesses with the interests of the larger community at heart transcend mere profit realization and arbitrary corporate interests which are only short lived. In addition, such businesses develop their zeal within the framework of sound moral reasoning that has the public good as its sole goal.

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