Sample Essay

Morality is about virtue, where virtue is characterized by other virtues in different respects. Traditionally, philosophers talked of four cardinal virtues namely; temperance; fortitude and; wisdom. These virtues, in turn, culminate into justice. In short clear terms, no justice, no morality. The above scenario of the rich man echoes Karl Marx and his comments expressed in the principle of surplus value or what is also referred as Labor Theory of Value.

All profits are lawfully entitled to the workers, and when the workers are prevented from accessing them, they are simply robbed. The profits are never rightful earnings of the company owners (Marx, K. cited in Rubi. I.I.2007). The following example further explains this theory: A manufacturer gives the laborer $60 worth of the material to make clothes. The laborer spends six hours producing the cloth, and uses $20 worth of petrol to run the sewing machine. In turn s/he creates a cloth worth $200. Here, the input of the laborer made the cloth cost that much, that is $200. The laborer is then entitled to a $120 payment, or $40 on hourly basis. If a worker is hired by a sweatshop owner who pays him only $30 per hour, the $10 per hour the shop proprietor receives is definitely a rip-off. The factory owner does not warrant the $10. The $10 becomes a surplus value which derives from the unjust remuneration and exploitation of the laborer

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