Sample Essay

In the last stanza, John Milton, urges the Muse repeatedly to go to the manger. He says that the, odors sweet, are the gift from Magi and he brings it for Christ. Milton beseeches the Muse to bring Christ an “humble ode” and place it at His feet, and also asks him to join the angel chorus in song. Milton makes reference to Isaiah 6, in which angel puts the burning coal on the remorseful Isaiah’s lips and says that, this has touched the lips, and guilt has been removed and sins are taken away. (Milton, 15)

In end, his poem is an intricate poem on redemption indirectly referring to the Holy Scriptures all through the whole poem. The first four stanzas are adapted from the rhyme scheme in Spenser’s The Faerie Queen, and Milton writes about Christ’s Incarnation in the first two stanzas, and in the end Milton implores Muse to praise Christ. (Milton, 22)

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