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Generally, Culliford and Powell (2005) contend that mourning of the addicts is like subjecting them to freedom. It is because it disentangles the addict from the emotional bars that are characteristic of substance abuse. Wolf (2001) shows that addiction is just like imprisonment. The addicts lack the freedom to explore other areas of their lives independent of drugs and alcohol. In other words, the drugs and alcohol virtually control the activities and thoughts of the addict. Addicts should therefore be allowed to mourn their loss of drugs in order to gain confidence to continue with their positive life and establish healthy relationships with humans.

From the review, it is indicated that the mourning process plays a fundamental role in the recovery of addicts by enabling them to achieve their set goals. Psychotherapists often encourage their patients to mourn over their lost objects (drugs) because it is a healthy expression of painful feelings that if suppressed have detrimental impacts on the recovery process. Of particular importance is the fact that mourning enables the addicts to appreciate the loss incurred and carry on with their lives.

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